Top 50 list of Australian Business Directories (2024 Update)

Having a business listing in all the top Australian business directories is a vital step for any new Aussie small business owner. There are several key advantages as to why you definitely want to list your business, but the main ones are that they:

  • help customers find your business,
  • improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking in Google.

During the current 2021 year, the old rule remains true: that not all business directories are created equal. Put simply, there is a greater benefit that comes from listing your business on higher quality business directories. There are many factors which determine what is considered a good Australian business directory, but the most important ones to consider are:

  • Domain Rank (DR)
  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Australian domain extension (
  • Easy to use + Good Web-design
  • Spam-Free

Google determines the quality of a business directory primarily according to it’s Domain Rank (DR) value. The higher the DR value for an individual business directory, the more valuable it will be your business. The amount of organic Search Traffic that a business directory receives is the other primary key indicator when considering quality.

With that in mind, below is our Top 50 list of Australian Business Directories for 2021 according to DR  and Traffic values:

# Business Directory Name DR Traffic
1 83 3,249,207
2 82 614,567
3 81 568,939
4 78 186,336
5 78 65,594
6 76 320,371
7 75 5,636
8 73 2,325,878
9 72 78
10 71 3,187
11 71 40,269
12 67 68,777
13 67 9,613
14 60 28,745
15 60 23,788
15 60 103,609
16 60 556
17 60 22,914
18 56 18,922
19 55 4,557
20 54 22,017
21 50 22,294
22 50 3,830
23 48 1,616,985
24 48 6,915
25 46 8
26 45 17,260
27 45 1,331
28 44 15,957
29 43 7,929
30 43 5,138
31 42 2,066
32 41 5,615
33 40 47,848
34 40 8,975
35 39 2,599
36 38 12,588
37 37 376
38 37 10,278
39 36 3,090
40 36 478
41 34 2,722
42 25 36,365
43 34 58
44 31 104
45 22 73
46 20 575
47 17 0
48 9 1,300
49 9 18,712
50 1 159

Download the above list by clicking here:


So now that you have the list of Aussie busienss directories, let’s explore each the key benefits so that so you can understand why each of these are relevant and important for your small business venture.


In the old days, customers typically would search and find business using newpapers, radio, and often printed directories such as YellowPages. Those days are long gone now. Nowadays, most people head directly online (via their computer or smartphone) to find businesses. If your business is can’t be easily found online when customers are searching for your business name or the service that you offer, then your simply missing out on new customer leads and the revenue associated with that.

The solution to this is pretty obvious – get yourself online.

Step One – is to get yourself a website with a domain name. There are plenty of low cost solutions out there for Aussie small business owners, so cost is really no longer a reason for not doing it. Your own website will of course have a Contact Us page which will specify very clearly all the ways that your potential new customers can contact you – ie. your business Name, Address, and Phone Number. This is also commonly known as “NAP”.

Step Two – is to list your business NAP (Name, Address, Phone) details on as many other high quality websites as possible. This is where Australian Business Directories come into play. Check out our Top 50 list below for the directories that we use and recommend.


Directory Listings play an important role in ensuring that your business is correctly represented on the internet, so that you can rank highly for Local searches. When a potential customer goes to Google and types in “<Industry> + <Location>” … e.g. “Plumber in Parramatta” … then it is important that your Business Name and Address details feature prominantly and accurately on different websites across the internet. When people perform these sort of localised searches in Google, they are looking for local businesses (just like yours) in that specific local area. Hence, strategies that you use to enhance your rankings in localised searches such Australian Business Listings, are collectively known as Local SEO.

One of the most important things to remember when completing your business listing is consistancy ! It’s critical that your NAP details are consistantly listed on your main company website, as well as across ALL of your business listing profiles. In this way, Google can more easily match up all of your business listings and understand that they all belong to your business. When Google is able to do this, it is more likely to give you the full SEO benefit and rank your business higher in the Google Search Results.

Also remember to set the correct Category when creating your business listings. Always try to be as accurate as possible when doing this. When you take the time to ensure that these details are correct, it will further enhance your chances for ranking for “<Industry> + <Location>” type keywords.

Author: James Menzies

Post Date: 4th May 2024

Categories: Business Resources